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Over the years, I have run a number of interactive seminars: mainly for charities, groups engaged in some form of social action and church groups; but also some sessions within a more formal training context.

Traditional talks are also available, but I prefer to offer a time for questions and answers at the end when this is possible.


There are a few main areas I am asked to cover. Typical subjects include things like the following.

Addressing a specific question.   How can my church respond to the rough sleepers in our area, and on our grounds? How can the spouses of ministers help to support the needy people who come through the door? How do we respond to people who don't want to be helped? How can you provide care for someone whose life is chaotic?

Personal Service Delivery.   How can I help people who suffer from mental health problems? People who struggle with addiction, alcohol, homelessness or debt?

Group Service Delivery.   How can we work together to help needy people? How do we recruit, train and support our volunteers?

Preparing, Planning and Implementing a Service.   Purpose, vision and scope, legal and governance issues, setting up a charity, insurance, employing people, caring for your staff and volunteers. I cannot give legal advice, but I can help you identify what legal advice you need and point you to helpful resources and sources of advice.

The Theological Context.   Social action in the Bible, The Poor, Money, Faith and Works, Bodies and Souls.

Faith and Practice.   How do our faith and our practical care relate to each other? What am I allowed to say to people? Can I offer to pray for them or invite them to church? How do spiritual issues affect emotional and psychological issues? How do we serve people from other faiths?

Sharing Your Faith.   How do you talk about the things which matter to you in a way that works for you, and which other people enjoy and respond to? This generally runs as a whole day (10 am to 5 pm) or three evening sessions, but longer and shorter versions can also be provided.

Practical Details

Length.   The seminars range in length between an hour and a day. When they are longer than 2 hours, I aim to have a short 'comfort' break every 60-90 minutes.

Facilities.   I generally don't use Powerpoint, computers or other electronics beyond a microphone. Sometimes a standard flip chart is helpful to capture comments and questions from the floor.

Materials.   When possible, I like to summarise the key details and provide it in written form to all the participants. This provides a number of benefits: people don't have to worry about writing everything down so they can concentrate on what is being said and engaging with the topic; it also stimulates relevant ideas, questions and comments.

Cost.   Please contact me to discuss this. It will depend on a number of factors including length, location, materials provided and the nature and resources of the group.

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