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A number of training events are being delivered, mainly based around the Helping Vulnerable People programme and the Share Your Faith seminar.

Helping Vulnerable People runs each year as a monthly programme; but the whole course, or parts of it can be delivered as required at other times and in other places.

Helping Vulnerable People functions in two distinct ways.

Firstly, it is a training programme designed to equip volunteers (and prepare people who wish to volunteer) working to help vulnerable people in a wide variety of settings. It provides practical guidance, and also helps people connect what they are doing with the underlying issues and principles which they need to understand and apply. The participants are not required to have any faith commitment, but the connections are pointed out between modern principles of good practice and traditional Christian doctrine and practice.

Secondly, it is a Christian discipleship course - although it approaches the subject in the opposite way to most discipleship courses. Traditionally, such courses teach a lot of Christian doctrine, and then maybe spend some time at the end pointing out ways of putting the doctrine into practice. This course starts with the practical issues and challenges we all face: Jesus commands us to love our neighbour, but what does this mean in real life? These questions and challenges drive us back to recognise our need to understand Christian teaching and practice more deeply. The doctrine is important because it is encountered in the context of real life.




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