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Politics and Social Action
Initial Meeting


The details on this page have been developed through a series of discussions with people involved in the Forum for Change 'Politics and Social Action' sphere.

We identified the need to plan a public meeting for the Christians who are interested in politics and social action. Our plan for the first meeting currently looks like this, but if you would like to suggest any changes please contact Paul.

Basic Details

The basic details of the first meeting.


The current draft agenda.


We need to be clear what we are meeting for. This will need some discussion but here is a starting point for that discussion.


It would be very helpful to know who is planning to attend, and to have your help in publicising it and encouraging people to come along.

We would also like to hear from you, whether you can come to the meeting or not. Your thoughts and ideas will be fed in to the meeting, and also into the follow-up activity afterwards.



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