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Faith Action Survey


The 2015 Faith Action Survey is very important because it will capture the scale and importance of the contribution being made by the faith communities to the local communities where they live and work. It will provide facts and figures which can create a new dialogue between the faith commmunities, the local authorities and the statutory services and help to shape their planning.

But facts and figures only take you so far. To help people understand what is going on, we also need to see how all these activities touch the lives of individuals.


As well as statistics, we need to capture stories.

We are looking for short stories of how someone's life has been improved in some way.

The story does not have to be big or impressive; it does not have to be about how you managed to solve someone's problems - although it can be. But it does have to be a real story about a real person whose life has been improved through what you or your faith group are doing. (But please change their name when you write the story!)

Please be thinking about what stories you can tell, and maybe start asking permission from people to tell their story. When you have a story you can share with us, please fill in the form below.

Case Studies

As well as the individual stories, we need a few case studies - slightly longer stories, telling about the difference a project (or group or organisation) is making; highlighting the benefits which come when we work together to make peoples' lives better.

We are interested in new projects, but we are also interested in projects which have been running for some time - especially if they have been running quietly and without much fuss. These activities need to be celebrated!


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